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0445115064 Piezo Injector
Genuine BOSCH MERCEDES BENZ Piezo Injector
Fitted to
Sprinter 3.0CDI, 218 CDI, 318 CDI, 418 CDI,518 CDI, 120 CDI VITO, C320 CDI, CLK 320, CLS 320,E 320 CDI,G 320 CDI, GLK 320CDI,ML S80 CDI

Products returned will only accepted if they correspond to the product supplied.
The returned core must also be in good condition.

No core return if:
1. Heavy corrosion/excess rust
2. Unit is dismantled or incomplete
3. Mechanically damaged
4. No protective caps fitted
5. Electrical connections damaged
6. Damage by water or wrong fuel

Only usable old core units acceptable per the policy will be eligible for credit after receipt and verification.

6 availably
Immediate availability
R 3,950.00(VAT excl.)
Part no DSEN590

These Kits can be used many times over as, once the Diesel Fuel is tested, you just empty the bottle, and it’s ready for the next time! Can be used many times over will last for years.

The kits are used mainly to test paraffin mixed with diesel.

The Kit weight is 210 grams.

Manufactures price increase came into effect on the 10 May 2019.

Immediate availability
R 1,000.00(VAT excl.)
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