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Diesel Test Kits

Diesel Test Kits
Diesel test Kits Description

Price R 1000.00
European Standard EN 590 for temperate climates (Valid since 1 January 2000)
Why test diesel?                                                       
Economic supply and demand phenomena as well as efforts to make paraffin more affordable to the poor have resulted in a large price difference between diesel and paraffin.  Diesel retailers stand to make large profits by fraudulently selling paraffin as diesel either by blending it with diesel or by blatant substitution.  Although most diesel engines will run on paraffin, continuous operation with paraffin causes long-term damage.  It is also illegal to run a vehicle on paraffin as it is considered a means of evading tax. The Diesel-sure kit is designed to detect diesel fuel that fails to meet the current SABS 342 diesel density specification as a result of substitution with significant proportion of paraffin.
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