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Diesel Injectors Repaires, Pump and Injectors Testing

A modern common rail diesel engine is a very advanced piece of technology controlled by an ECU (Engine Control Unit), proper fault diagnosis is sometimes only possible when the vehicle is hooked up to a state of the art diagnostic system, which Rodac Diesel have a few different test in its workshop.

Rodac Diesel Injection Services, specialize in diesel injector repairs, diesel pump repairs, diesel injector testing and diesel pump testing. We also recondition and supply diesel fuel injectors and diesel high-pressure pumps. Not only do we supply reconditioned units, we are also able to check and diagnose faults on your original units. As vehicle problems are becoming increasingly more difficult to diagnose, this is a valuable process in eliminating concerns on the condition of your diesel injectors and diesel high-pressure pumps. With the high prices of these units it is cost effective to know if they are faulty or if there are other underlying problems on your vehicle.
Since the introduction of high-pressure diesel common rail injection systems, we are now experiencing new diesel engine problems due to failure of the components. It has been found that a significant percentage of failures are caused by excessive return flow and “dribbling nozzles”. These problems may cause hard starting, erratic idling, smoke and lack of power. Our diesel fuel injection test benches enable us to test and calibrate traditional, two stage, high-pressure diesel common rail, Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso and Stanadyne diesel fuel injectors and high-pressure pumps.
We pride ourselves on the quality and presentation of our diesel injector repairs and diesel pump repairs; all repairs and diesel injector testing is conducted with quality in mind as we aim to supply a high quality product at a fair price. Contact us for advice with regards to your diesel injector testing, diesel injector repairs and diesel pump repairs.

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