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Diesel Injector Fitting Instructions

Cleanliness is most Important

Once you have removed the old injectors please insure that the injector recesses are clean and that all injectors washers (heat shields have been removed from the cylinder head.

  • Remove the new injectors from the packing, leave the inlet plastic protective plugs on, remove the nozzle protective cap and using a small amount of grease provided, "paste" the copper washer onto the injector nozzle / cap nut, so that it does not fall off when you insert the injector into the injector recess.  

  • Smear the injector body with a little grease and place the injector into the recess, fit injector clamp and tighten to manufacture specifications.  

  • Continue with the remaining injectors.

  • Connect the injector leak off pipes or bar using the copper washers provided, be very careful not to over tighten the leak off bolts as they break easily.

  • Remove the inlet plastic protective plugs and fit the cleaned and blown out injectors pipes.

  • Tighten injectors pipes and start vehicle, if the vehicle has difficulty in starting loosen a few of the pipes on the injector side, crank engine to bleed the pipes. Once fuel is injecting out of the pipes, tighten and try starting.  

  • Once engine fires, do not over rev, but rather let the engine tick over for a while.

  • Check for leaks

Place the plastic protective caps on your old injectors, clean and return to RODAC DIESEL to receive your credit back.

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