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Modern technologies in cars has led to the development of ECU’s (Engine Control Units), these controls and gather data on many of the vehicle’s essential components. Rodac Diesel Services have Bosch and several other diagnostic equipment that enables us to plug into your car and easily identify any issues that exist.
Our state of the art diagnostic equipment can identify problems with the following: running faults, high emissions, airbag systems, electrical faults, etc.

  • Running faults

  • Engine not starting

  • Hard to start engine

  • Runs rough at lower RPM

  • Lack of power

  • Diesel knock / pinking

  • High emissions

  • Electrical faults

  • Plus so much more…

Our reputation and range of equipment means that we are often asked to carry out work for other local garages.

Development of electronic networking
based on the example of
the E-Class model series W210
(1995) and W211 (2002).

Diagnostic Approach

Your vehicle’s is fully electronic and requires one or several diagnostic equipment to be connected first in order, to locate the problem; our technicians use a diagnostic approach. First, they test to see whether components and systems are proper and secure, then they isolate the components or system that could not logically be the cause of the problem. Our technicians will have to test-drive the vehicle or use a variety of BOSCH / other testing equipment, such as on-board and handheld diagnostic computers or compression gauges to identify the source of the problem. This computerized equipment provides a systematic performance report of various components to compare against normal rating. First, the faults codes stored in the engine management computer’s memory must be cleared this could be several codes; the technician must then road/dyno test the vehicle either with the BOSCH / other test equipment in the cab of the vehicle or vehicle or reconnect it back in the workshop. This must continue until the actual faulty component is found, and a new part replaced. After the new parts are replaced the BOSCH / other test equipment must be reconnected, and the final road/dyno test must be carried out.

You would need to book your vehicle into our workshops at your convenience in order to carry out the diagnostic tests.

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